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David Dubal: The Great Pianists


Watch David Dubal teach at Juilliard

Watch David Dubal & Gustavo Romero on Lizst

Listen to David Dubal on his life history

David Dubal Bio

David Dubal is an American pianist, teacher, author, broadcaster and painter born Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Dubal is the host of "The Piano Matters" a program of comparative piano performances that can be heard on WWFM-FM and and other U.S. radio stations and author of The Art of the Piano, Evenings With Horowitz, and The Essential Canon of Classical Music, Evenings with Horowitz, Reflections from the Keyboard. Dubal wrote and hosted The Golden Age of Piano, an Emmy Award winning documentary. From his radio programs, books, Juilliard teaching, and live appearances David Dubal is the voice of the piano.

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