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The Romeros Documentary Project

The Romero Guitar Quartet:

Spanning three generations, the Romero Guitar Quartet have both set and redefined standards for the classical guitar around the world. The Foundations new feature of the quartet will present a new chapter in the quartet's history, and renewed look forward into the future. Sponsorship opportunities are available for this special project. Interested parties may contact us here for more information.

Los Romeros history:

Los Romeros, The Romero Guitar Quartet, is a guitar quartet, sometimes known as "The Royal Family of the Guitar" — their personnel consists entirely of members of the Romero family. The quartet was founded in 1960 by Celedonio Romero, who grew up in Franco's Spain. All three of his sons, Angel, Celin and Pepe, had made their performing debuts by the time they were seven. In 1957, the Romeros moved to the United States, where they continue to reside. In 1990 Angel left the quartet, and was replaced by Celin's son Celino. Celedonio Romero died in 1996, and was replaced by Angel's son Lito.

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