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Luciane Cardassi: Live in Concert

Classical pianist Luciane Cardassi performs works by Alfred Schnittke and Celso Loureiro Chaves with conductor Orquestra de Câmara Theatro São Pedro, Porto Alegre, Brasil.

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Cecil Taylor: In Conversation

Avant-garde wizard, 86yr old pianist Cecil Taylor, shares his impressions of life and music history in our exclusive 4-part interview.

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Bertram Turetzky: A Different View

Classical bass pioneer and educator, Bertram Turetzky, shares his journey bringing the bass from the shadows into the limelight as a vital instrument.

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Wallace Roney: The Great Jazz Drummers

Watch jazz trumpet master, Wallace Roney, discuss his history with the great jazz drummers, from Art Blakey to Tony Williams.

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Plaid: Artist Profile

Watch a special feature of British duo Plaid, pioneers of electronic music, filmed at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angles.

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Vanessa Daou Interview

Watch our exclusive video conversation with singer, writer, poet Vanessa Daou on her music and philosophy.


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